Residential Permit Parking


The City of Anaheim is transitioning to a new permit parking system on November 15, 2023.

You can access the system at

Your existing account will be transferred over to the new system. You will need to create a new password by selecting the "Forgot Password" link and following the steps using your registered account email.

For assistance with accessing your permit parking account, please email Provide your name, residential address and a phone number where you may be contacted.

Petition Status

Residents seeking to obtain a status update of their residential permit parking petition may do so by using the tool below.

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What is Residential Permit Parking?

Please read our fact sheet below to learn more about this program. To initiate a petition, please contact the Department of Public Works (714) 765-5183. 

Residential Permit Parking Fact Sheet 

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Click here for a printable version of the Conceptual Permit Parking District Guidance.


1. AVOID THE LINE, PURCHASE ONLINE! Residents who reside in currently implemented permit-eligible districts are able to purchase their two-year residential and visitor permits online via the Get A Permit system here.

2. What you’ll need: A form of identification AND current vehicle registration is required in order to purchase/renew your permit. Permits will only be issued to the registered vehicle owner. If form of the identification does not contain the permit-eligible address, proof of residency will be required. Vehicle registration must contain the permit eligible address. 

2. Residents may also purchase permits at City Hall. To purchase in-person, please visit City Hall:

Public Works Department

200 S Anaheim Blvd, Suite 276

Anaheim, CA 92805

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

The City of Anaheim accepts: Cash, Check or MasterCard/Visa/Discover

3. Permit Issuance Guidelines for Residential Permit Parking

4. The maximum number of permits per household are:

  • 0-2 bedroom: 1 permit
  • 3-4 bedrooms: 2 permits
  • 5+ bedrooms: 3 permits


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Permit color may vary by Parking District


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  • Permit Parking Guidelines (Effective May 11, 2018)
  • Good Neighbor Practices (English/Español)
  • Recent Changes to the Permit Parking Policy
    • Within the updated Permit Parking Program guidelines, below are the major changes adopted by City Council on March 27, 2018:
      • Reduction of the $500 petition fee, so it does not exceed $50 per household and addresses smaller petition areas.
        • Example: for a street segment with six homes, the petition fee would be reduced to $300 (6 homes x $50/home).
      • Establishment of permit parking district boundaries that align with arterial streets of surrounding neighborhood streets.
      • Adjustment of the maximum number of parking permits issued based on the permitted bedroom count, for all residences (single or multi-family).
  • Public Documents


1. How do streets become a Permit Parking Street?

  • If the survey vote results indicate at least 75% “yes” votes, those street segments are approved within the district boundaries defined by the Public Works Department. The entire district area does not need the 75% support rate, only the particular street segments within the district that desire permit parking.

2. How many permits can I purchase and how much are they?

  • For all residences, the City determines the maximum number of permit issued based on bedroom count: 0-2 bedrooms = 1 permit, 3-4 bedrooms = 2 permits, 5+ bedrooms = 3 permits, maximum of 3 total permits per household at the cost of $30 each. Each permit is good for two years. In addition, one-day guest permits are available for $1 each with a limit of 100 guest permits per calendar year.

3. After Permit Parking gets implemented, what if vehicles park on the street without a permit? 

  • Permit parking streets will be actively enforced in the beginning. After some time, violations will be less common and will need to be reported for enforcement. Vehicles without permits will be ticketed for a $72 violation.

4. Do I need a parking permit if I have a persons with disability placard?

  • No, vehicles with persons with disability placards are exempt from permit parking

5. Can I purchase parking permits for my recreational vehicle or trailer? 

6. Can I purchase parking permits for my vacation rental(s)?

  • No, Per AMC, short-term vacation rental properties are not eligible to obtain parking permits and are limited to the number of available off-street parking spaces. The owner must make a sufficient number of off-street parking spaces accessible to tenants to accommodate the number of vehicles allowed.

7. Can I purchase a permit on the behalf of my tenant, relative, spouse?

  • Yes, if you are purchasing a permit for someone else that is unable to come into the office, provide your Driver’s License/I.D. along with the intended permit holder identification and Vehicle Registration (same guidelines as stated above will apply).

8. I am an owner/tenant of a Short-Term Rental property, can I purchase a permit? 

  • No, per A.M.C, parking permits will not be issued for Short-Term Rental property owners or tenants.

9. I have a company vehicle. Can I obtain a permit for it?

  • No, parking permits will only be parking permits will only be issued to vehicles that are registered to the eligible address.

10. I just purchased/leased a vehicle and do not have the vehicle registration.

  • You can obtain a permit but you must provide the paperwork from the dealership, which includes the residents’ name listed as the buyer or co-buyer.

11. Can I transfer my permit to a new vehicle?

  • Yes, you may transfer a permit to another vehicle but it must be same owner, new vehicle. A $15 processing fee does apply. The following are acceptable terms for a permit transfer:
    • Permit removed as a result of an auto accident: Please provide accident report or auto body repair documentation/receipt, displaying plate number and/or VIN.
    • If vehicle is sold with the permit attached: Please provide a copy of the DMV Release of Liability or a sales receipt. If submitting a sales receipt, the receipt must display the plate number.
    • In the event that you are not able to provide any documentation of sale or accident, you must bring the parking permit (or remnants) in to our office.