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building a strong, unified Anaheim by welcoming all people with kindness, understanding, inclusion

Welcome to Anaheim.

We are a welcoming city that strives to help new residents feel like part of their adopted community.

We strive to foster a welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity or place of origin, enhancing Anaheim’s cultural fabric, economic growth, global competitiveness and overall prosperity for current and future generations.

Anaheim is part of Welcoming America, a national network of more than 100 cities including San Diego, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Denver that are working to better integrate recent arrivals into their communities.

What does it mean to be a welcoming city? It means we embrace what America has done for centuries: welcoming and integrating newcomers and benefiting from the positive roles they can play in our communities and economies. 

It also means that Anaheim treats everyone in our city with dignity and respect, while our community groups offer a helping hand to make people feel at home here.

Since Anaheim's earliest days, we have been a city of immigrants and different cultures who have come together to create one of California's great success stories. 

Welcoming Anaheim continues that tradition. 

You can read the City Council's Welcoming Anaheim resolution here or watch the City Council meeting discussion.

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