Lay-Off Aversion

Is your company thinking about downsizing due to economic downturns, project conclusions, industry and technology changes, or the ever-more competitive marketplace? Having a sound strategy in place to reduce or avoid devastating layoffs can preserve company-wide trust, reputation, and the livelihoods of treasured employees. Anaheim Workforce Connection can help. We offer assistance, strategic planning, and numerous programs and services that can help you retain as many jobs as possible, cut costs, and identify detrimental trends, while maximizing profitability. Our Rapid Response Team is on-call with layoff aversion assistance, including:

Creating a rapid response early warning system for your company. This includes analyzing trends, crunching numbers, and identifying approaching trouble before it is too late to implement job retention strategies

Implementing a work share program that enables employers to use unemployment insurance benefits to offset wages to deter workforce downsizing. Work Sharing is a program available to businesses that reduce employee hours and wages as an alternative to layoffs. This program can potentially allow the payment of a percentage of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to employees whose hours and wages are reduced. Any employer who has a reduction in production, services, or other conditions should consider the Work Sharing program for their employees as an alternative to layoffs

Putting economic development resources at your fingertips, such as Anaheim Public Utilities, Small Business Development Center, City of Anaheim Economic Development, and the North Orange County Community College District

Analyzing ways to reduce economic strains companywide, from reviewing utilities usage to exploring more economical facilities

Providing resources to small businesses not necessarily subject to federal and state notification requirements. This may include special grants, loans, and other cost-saving programs

Identifying targeted training opportunities for dislocated workers, lessening the impact on the local economy and those who have lost their jobs

Temporary Furloughs are another alternative to layoffs, where business owners allow an employee to work on a regular basis, although at a reduced schedule. If financial challenges are expected to be temporary, furloughs allow businesses to keep valued employees on payroll rather than laying them off and hiring new workers when financial circumstances improve.

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