Zines are short for magazines and are self-published works made by hand. They originated in the 1940s, but today they’re produced more than ever in all shapes and sizes. Zines are a part of California’s subculture, as well as many other areas, and bring a demand to integrate alternative publishing into our communities. 

The circulating zine collection is in the Teen Section, at Central Library and was initially developed by donations from the Orange County Zine Fest. Check the library calendar to find out about OC Zine Fest and zine-making workshops offered at your local branch. 


Graphic Novels

Yes, comics books belong in libraries! And, reading them is proven to boost multimedia fluency, a crucial skill in our increasingly technological society. Anaheim Public Library has a diverse collection featuring DC and Marvel favorites, new and classic manga, and standalone titles.

Video Games

Are you looking for interactive, immersive, and exciting storytelling experiences? The Central Library offers video games to rent for $2 per week! Games are available for Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Wii, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.