Delineate the Site
It's mandatory that you outline the proposed excavation site with white paint or stakes.

Dial Before You Dig
It's the law. No matter what size job you plan, call before you excavate. The law provides penalties for those who do not comply.

Call at Least 2 Working Days Before
You may call 14 days prior to excavation. But don't wait until the last minute!
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You're Responsible For Damage

If damage to underground utilities results from your digging, you may be charged the cost of repairing it - plus a fine.

Make Only One Call
That's all it takes to have all underground lines on your site located and marked before you dig.

The Call Costs You Nothing

There's not charge to call the toll-free number: 800-422-4133.

Calling Saves Time

The DigAlert process helps expedite your project by eliminating any searching for underground utilities.

 Everyone Should Call - Not Just Professionals

Calling is just as important for property owners as it is for plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers, swimming pool builders, or anyone else.

Your Permit is Not Valid Without a DigAlert Number

An excavation permit doesn't mean you're free of responsibility for damage to underground utilities. Make sure you obtain an Underground Service Alert / DigAlert number.