Section 1: Street Improvements

Street Improvements                                                   
100-1          Topography Symbols  
110-B Sidewalk  
111-3 Curb Ramp Add truncated domes at center
of base of ramp at back of curb,
3’ min. depth (perpendicular to
curb), 4’ min. width (parallel to
curb), dark gray color, and
beveled edges. Install per
manufacturer’s requirement
with adhesive and anchors,
Cast in Place Systems by
Armor-Tile or approved equal.
Shop drawing shall be
submitted to and receive
approval in writing from the City
Engineer prior to installation.
The 12" Grooving Detail (tactile
border) at ramp border shall not be installed.
112-1 Curb & Sidewalk Joints Revise note 2 by changing
 “ 6000 mm (20’) ” to “ 10’ ”
 in gutters. 
113-1  Sidewalk & Driveway Replacement   
114-A  Local Street/Residential Driveway Approach  
115-B  Arterial Highway/Commercial  Driveway Approach  
116 ARA Typical Concrete Scoring Pattern  
117 ARA Tree Well/Planter  
118 PTA Typical Concrete Scoring Pattern  
119 PTA Tree Well/Planter At Bus Stop  
120  Curbs & Gutters  
121-A  Cross Gutter  
122 Hillside Cross Gutter  
130-1 Alley Intersection Integral curb shall be Type “C”
 per Std. Detail 120.
131 Alley Plan & Section  
132 Trench Replacement  
133 Micro Trenching  
134-1 Concrete Pavement Joint Details  
140-2  Median Taper  
141-1 Median Flair  
142-A Median Left-Turn Lane  
143 Median Island  
150-2 Curb Drain Only one drain pipe shall be
 allowed 3” dia. for 6” curb
 face, 4” dia. for 8” curb face
151-1 Parkway Drain Angle between centerline of
parkway drain and curb face
 to be between 45 and 90
152-1  Rectangular Frame & Cover  
160-A  Street and Highway Sections  
161-A Hillside Street & Highway Sections  
162 Private Street Sections  
163 Public Road or Private Lane and Private  Drive Sections Peralta Hills and Mohler Drive Areas  
164-C Supplemental Lanes Intersection Layout  
165 Alley Intersection or Hammerhead Layout  
166 Street Cul-de-Sac Layout  
167-A  Street Knuckle Layout  
168 Cul-de-Sac Layout for Private Street,  Public Road and Private Lane  
169-A  Knuckle Layout for Private Street, Public  Road and Private Lane  
170 Santa Ana Canyon Road Typical Sections  
175 Construction Information Sign