Section 2: Sanitary Sewer Facilities

Sanitary Sewer Facilities
200-2  Precast Concrete Sewer Manhole Manhole backfill from  the top of pipe bedding to roadway subgrade shall be either sand compacted to 95% or structural backfill 
201-1 Precast Concrete Shallow Manhole   
203-1 Brick Sewer Manhole  Only applicable  when adjusting a manhole to grade per Std. Plan 205-1. 
205-1 Sewer Manhole Adjustment   
208-1 Breaking Into Existing Manholes   
210-2 610mm (24") Manhole Frame and  Cover - Locking Type   Agency identification  is not required per note 3. For note 7, inspections prior to shipment will not be required. A comp­liance certification delivered to the Engineer from the supplier will be acceptable. 
211-1 Manhole Frame and  Cover- Pressure Type   
212-1 Anchor System for Pressure Cover  
217 Sewer and Storm Drain Pipe Bedding Detail  
221-1 Pipe Anchors and Backfill Stabilizers   
222-1 House Connection Sewer  Type 'B' profile is  not allowed. All connection sewers shall extend 5' outside of street right-of-way. Note 3 is revised to allow only VCP in all cases. However, in hillside residential areas, ABS truss pipe or PVC truss pipe may be used for pipes 1O" in diameter and smaller. Also, 4" connection sewers may be used for single family homes. 
223-1 House Connection Remodeling  Case 'H' is not  allowed. Note 6 is not applicable. 
224-1 Supports for Conduits Across Trenches In Case 2, Note 1,  the word "slides" shall be replaced with the word "sides." 
225-1 Blanket Protection for Pipes Applies to new pipes  in addition to existing pipes.