Animal Care and Control

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OC Animal Care provides animal control services for the City of Anaheim. 

For general questions, contact:
OC Animal Care 
(714) 935-6848
1630 Victory Rd., Tustin, CA 92782

For questions or concerns regarding the OC Animal Care contract, please contact the Code Enforcement Office at (714) 765-5158. 

Outlined below are the specific components included within each of the services:

Shelter Services: 


There are many cute dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals looking for their forever home available for adoption at OC Animal Care's shelter in Tustin.

View all adoptable pets at  Adoption fees vary, please CLICK HERE for full details.

To schedule an adoption visit, call (714) 935-6848, and mention the Animal ID# for any specific animal you might be interested in. Walk-ins welcome!

Lost, Stray and Injured Animals

OC Animal Care takes in sick, injured, ill, aggressive animals, along with stray dogs, 7 days/week.  

To report a lost, stray or injured animal, please call (714) 935-6848.

If you have recently lost a pet, please visit the following websites to see photos and information regarding lost/stray animals currently at the shelter as well as reported found pets that are not currently at the shelter:

Losing your beloved four-legged friend can be very upsetting. CLICK HERE to view OC Animal Care tips on how to find your pet.

Caring for Animals at the Shelter 

As a municipal shelter, OC Animal Care is a way station for animals, a safe place for them to land while the shelter finds responsible placement for them.   The shelter has dedicated staff that have a variety of duties, all of which focus on the animals in their care.   All animals in the shelter receive enrichment and attention customized to their individual needs. Every effort is made to enhance the animal’s stay at the shelter and place it quickly into an adoptive home.     

Veterinary services & Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

OC Animal Care has on-site veterinary services to provide medical care for animals admitted to the shelter.  

For public services, OC Animal Care partners with Healthcare & Emergency Animal Rescue Team (H.E.A.R.T) provides low-cost mobile pet clinics throughout the year, offering low-cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping and other services conveniently located in the parking lot of OC Animal Care. For more information, a calendar of clinics, or make an appointment, visit

Volunteer and Foster Programs 

From assisting with animal care and enrichment activities to participating in events and community outreach, OC Animal Care welcomes dedicated individuals who want to lend their time and talents to serve the shelter animals. Learn more about OC Animal Care volunteer opportunities HERE

OC Animal Care’s Foster Caretaker Program has successfully saved the lives of thousands of animals! The foster program buys time and gives a second chance to young or injured puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats or simply gives a shelter pet a break from shelter life. Learn more about OC Animal Care foster opportunities HERE

Rescue Agencies

OC Animal Care partners with many sister-shelters and 501(c)3 rescue organizations.  Please CLICK HERE to register your group.  

Euthanasia and disposal of animals

Public safety is a top priority at OC Animal Care. As such, the shelter does not turn away any behaviorally challenged animal even if another shelter has. Our intent is to find responsible placement for the animals in our care if possible. To do this, we have a consistent behavior evaluation process in place to help find the most successful placement possible for the animals in our care. If your personal pet is in need of euthanasia services, it is recommended that you reach out to your personal veterinarian.

If you are in need of pet disposal services, please call (714) 935-6848.

Animal Control Services:

Emergency response

OC Animal Care works in conjunction with Anaheim PD and Fire to respond to emergencies involving animals.

Impounding stray animals

If you see a stray or injured animal and you cannot locate its owner, call (714) 935-6848 and an Animal Control Officer will respond.

Animal cruelty, animal bite & vicious dog investigations

If you observe or suspect someone of abusing or neglecting an animal, immediately contact OC Animal Care at (714) 935-6848 and an Animal Control Officer will respond.

You are required by law to report any bite or scratch from a domestic or wild animal. Report an animal bite or scratch from a domestic or wild animal by calling (714) 796-6421 or filling out the form.

Field releases to owner and Take Me Home Program

Pets currently licensed with OC Animal Care qualify for OC Animal Care's Take Me Home Program. This pet redemption program is offered to pet owners who have had their licensed pets impounded for the first time and requires pet owners to redeem their pet(s) within the first 24 hours. 

In addition, in certain instances a Field officer may give your lost pet a ride home through the Return to Owner Field Program.  Call (714) 935-6848 for more information.

Transportation of injured or deceased animals

If you discover an injured or deceased animal in your yard or on the road, please call (714) 935-6848.


Coyotes are lured to urban areas due to the availability of accessible food sources, such as garbage cans and outdoor pet food, which in turn attract smaller animals that serve as prey for coyotes. But there are steps you can take to keep your home, family and pets safe. Read more on our coyote page.


In the event of a bee swarm on your property, it is strongly advised to exercise caution and refrain from disturbing the bees. Promptly contact a local bee removal company for assistance. Should the swarm be located on city property within Anaheim, please dial (714) 765-6860 or utilize the designated 311 hotline accessible from any Anaheim telephone.

Animal Care Special Services:

Animal licensing and renewal, fee collection and payment services.

All dogs in Orange County over the age of four months are required by law to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Residents owning or having custody of any dog must license the dog within 15 days of acquisition or within 15 days after the license becomes due.

Cat licensing is optional and available through OC Animal Care.

Learn more about licensing your pet HERE

Animal canvassing efforts to locate and license unlicensed animals

OC Animal Care provides digital canvassing efforts for the City of Anaheim.   All dog owners in Anaheim are required by law to license their pet. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Inspection of animal-related businesses

Routine inspections are conducted to ensure animals are properly cared for and adequate records are kept. If you observe any of the following conditions at an animal-related business, report it to OC Animal Care at (714) 935-6848 for investigation:

      • Cruelty to animals
      • Sick or injured animals
      • Lack of healthful food and potable water  
      • Unsanitary facilities

To view a full list of animal-related business that requires licensing, please CLICK HERE

Barking Dog Complaints: 

Submit a barking dog complaint 

In the event of a persistent barking dog in your neighborhood, we recommend initiating a conversation with the respective neighbor to address the matter. Should the issue not be resolved, please report online by clicking here.

For any questions on the form, call (714) 796-6442.

View the full criteria for a Barking Dog or Animal Nuisance violation HERE

Barking Dog & Animal Nuisance Complaint Process

OC Animal Care facilitates the Barking Dog or Animal Nuisance complaint process, acting as an intermediary between the complainant and responsible person; and issuing a citation if necessary.

OC Animal Care can provide assistance mediating the circumstances of the issue or other information between both parties and can provide suggestions on how to resolve the issue with the animal in question. Citations are issued after the receipt of a second complaint and are based on the sworn affidavit signed by a complainant.

View the full criteria for a Barking Dog or Animal Nuisance violation HERE