Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Policy

On August 14, 2018, the City Council adopted an Affordable Housing Policy affirming that affordable housing is a priority in the City of Anaheim in response to the housing affordability crisis. The Policy encourages dialogue between City staff and all developers of upcoming rental and for-sale housing proposed in Anaheim to consider options and approaches for addressing the City' s affordable housing needs, as set forth in the Housing Element of the City's General Plan, and other documents that guide the City's affordable housing goals.

Recognizing that there can be financial implications associated with the delivery of affordable housing, the City Council also adopted an Affordable Housing Action Plan in conjunction with the Policy (Click here to view the Policy and Action Plan). The Action Plan includes items related to the following:

  • Regulatory Relief - Reduce bureaucracy by providing relief from regulations that create barriers to the development of affordable housing.
  • Process Incentives - Develop an affordable housing incentive program that reduces costs and/or development time during the permitting process.
  • Middle Income Housing - Develop a middle-income housing program that promotes and incentivizes entry-level rental and for-sale affordable housing for individuals earning middle-class incomes.
  • Affordable Housing Ambassador Program - Develop an affordable housing ambassador program where the City would designate a staff person to promote and facilitate the development of affordable housing in Anaheim.
  • Affordable Housing Development Funding - Ensure that the City remains competitive to receive State and Federal funding, leverages the Anaheim Housing Authority' s remaining resources and assets to maximize the production of affordable housing, and encourages the State to adopt and pursue funding sources for affordable housing that can replace those lost through the elimination of redevelopment agencies.

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