As a community-owned not-for-profit utility, Anaheim Public Utilities believes strong schools build a strong community. We are committed to ensuring that our schools receive the support they need to enhance the learning environment through our many education programs and initiatives. 

Anaheim Public Utilities relies on engineers, hydrologists, power plant operators, professional administrative staff, information technology staff, attorneys, and more to ensure that the lights turn on and the water flows through! In order to be able to meet our future workforce needs, we design programs that support critical thinking, science, engineering and technology, leadership, and communication to meet the high, in demand skills for the jobs of tomorrow. Review the many programs and initiatives that Anaheim Public Utilities has to offer!


Anaheim Public Utilities proudly supports the educational enrichment of Anaheim’s youth through various programs, field trips, outreach events, internship opportunities, scholarships, and more! We are committed to doing our part to shape tomorrow’s leaders today, in their academic pursuits to ensure that they're prepared to transform ideas to innovative solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
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Educators & Administrators 

Our teachers invest in our future through the lives they touch in the classroom each day. This is why Anaheim Public Utilities is committed to giving back through programs, initiatives, and activities. Teachers, administrators, and support staff can expand curriculum beyond the classroom. We offer engaging and real-world experiences such as facility tours, various STEAM extracurricular programs, and projects to enhance the educational experience for Anaheim students.

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