CalARP Public Notice

Public Notice – Risk Management Plans

Risk Management Plan (RMP) is required when a facility uses a CalARP listed regulated substance in excess of a threshold quantity. Upon submission of an RMP (new RMP or 5-Year RMP Update), Anaheim Fire & Rescue (AFR) will review the plan and determine if any deficiencies are present. The facility has 60 days to respond and correct the deficiencies. Once the deficiencies (if any) are corrected, AFR posts a public notice indicating that the RMP is complete. Once posted, AFR will make the RMP available at our office for public review and comment for 45 days. After the 45-day review period, AFR will conduct a final evaluation of the RMP in which any public comments made are considered.

This notice is issued as part of the public review process for RMPs, in accordance with the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 19 Division 2 Chapter 4.5 Article 3 Section 2745.2.