Aircraft Noise

Aircraft flight paths and noise

Anaheim receives periodic concerns from residents about airport flight patterns and aircraft noise impacting their neighborhoods. These complaints tend to be concentrated in east Anaheim, which falls under flight paths for John Wayne Airport.

The city is aware of the issue and the impact it has on the daily lives of our residents.

The Federal Aviation Administration has sole oversight of and responsibility for controlling air traffic and flight patterns, including over Anaheim.

Because air traffic is strictly a federal issue, neither the city of Anaheim nor the county of Orange can regulate the altitude, speed, direction or location of aircraft in flight.

The county of Orange does enforce hours of operation and noise restrictions at John Wayne Airport. You can learn more here.

While Anaheim doesn’t have authority over air traffic above our city, we have been communicating with the Federal Aviation Administration, John Wayne Airport and elected officials within the region to better understand the changes that might have contributed to some concerns about flight patterns and aircraft noise.

Report Noise Complaints

John Wayne Airport has a division dedicated to reviewing noise complaints. Contact them at:

Web: John Wayne Airport, access and noise office  
Phone: (949) 252-5185

Noise complaints can also be sent to the Federal Aviation Administration:

Web: FAA 
Phone: (202) 267-3521

You may also reach out to your local representatives with oversight of John Wayne Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Don Wagner, Orange County Supervisor, Third District 
Web: Office of Supervisor Donald Wagner
Phone: (714) 834-3330

U.S. Rep. Katie Porter, 45th District, including east Anaheim
Web: Congresswoman Katie Porter 
Phone: (949) 668-6600

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein 
Web: Senator Dianne Feinstein 
Phone: (310) 914-7300 

Contact us

If you have further questions, please contact Alyssa Guerrero (714) 765-4610 or