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Census 2020: Anaheim Counts!

Census 2020, the nation’s every-10-years count of our population, is right around the corner.

What does it mean for Anaheim? A lot.

Each year, Anaheim sees more than $100 million in federal funding that helps us provide affordable housing, improve neighborhoods, upgrade roads and keep our community safe.

Federal funding also supports hospitals, other healthcare and schools in Anaheim.

Much of the federal funding Anaheim sees is based on our population count from the Census.

What we’re doing

Anaheim has a Complete Count Committee made up of representatives from schools, community, cultural and faith groups, residents and representatives of elected officials.

Together, they’ll help us spread the word (in multiple languages) about the Census and why you should take part to better Anaheim.


How the Census works

Between now and Census Day on April 1, 2020, every home in Anaheim will receive an invitation to take part in the Census.

You’ll be able to respond online, by phone, by mail, or at one of our community centers and libraries.

What you’ll be asked

The goal of the Census is to better understand the nation’s — and Anaheim’s — population.

You’ll see questions about how many people live in your household, whether you rent or own your home, gender, age, race and ethnicity information and other questions.

Security, privacy

We know some may have concerns about filling out the Census. But no one is Anaheim should worry about filling out the Census. 

The 2020 Census does not include a question about citizenship. And answers cannot be used for any law enforcement purpose or to determine eligibility for government benefits.

The U.S. Census Bureau, which collects the data, is bound by law to protect the privacy of your answers. It is illegal to release any identifiable information about you, your home or your business, even to law enforcement agencies or courts.

Known as Title 13 of the U.S. Code, the law is one of the strongest confidentiality guarantees in our federal government with punishment of up to five years in prison and fines up to $250,000. 

Make it count

There’s a lot of stake for Anaheim. Whether you’ve lived here for decades or our new to our city, we need you to be counted.

Help Anaheim count by filling out your Census form online, in person, by phone or mail.

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