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Keeping us safe

Everyone is welcome at Anaheim City Hall, and the safety of all who visit is a responsibility we take seriously.

We’ve introduced new safety measures, starting first at our City Council meetings and City Hall and eventually expanding to other city facilities.

While new to City Hall, the safety measures are familiar to anyone who has gone to a sporting event, large concert, other government buildings or major public places.

The measures are for the safety and peace of mind of our residents, visitors and everyone at City Hall.

What you’ll see

Security what you'll see

When you’ll see it


While visitors to our City Council meetings have already become familiar with the new security check process, we’ll begin daily metal and bag screening at City Hall on Monday, March 2.

Our goal is for the actual screening process to take two to three minutes. We’re also hoping to minimize waits in line, though that will depend on how many people are in line at any given time.

Once you reach screening, a security representative will take a quick look inside bags. There is no limit to the number of bags visitors can bring during normal business hours. For council meetings, guests will be limited to one personal item and one additional item. 

You’ll then take out keys, cell phones and any other metal objects before walking through a doorway-style metal detector.

The process is exactly like what you’ve probably experienced at concerts, sporting events and theme parks.

After you’ve cleared the screening process, a security representative will ask for your photo ID. They’ll use this to make you a visitor badge. 

Why we’re doing this

The new safety measures are not a response to any known threat or incident. 

They do reflect a time of added security risks and responsibilities.

They bring Anaheim City Hall in line with practices at other cities, government buildings, sports venues and major public places.

Ultimately, they are designed to safeguard anyone who visits City Hall and to provide peace of mind for residents and visitors.

Behind the changes

The new safety measures are the result of an internal safety audit and analysis of other cities by Anaheim’s Executive Safety Committee and are being implemented at the direction of Anaheim’s city manager.

The Executive Safety Committee includes: 

  • Anaheim’s city manager
  • Anaheim’s police chief
  • Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s chief 
  • Anaheim’s safety manager
  • The directors of Anaheim Public Utilities, Community Services, Public Works and Convention, Sports & Entertainment

Know before you go: prohibited items

Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Join us in keeping City Hall safe by knowing what you can't bring.

Prohibited items include firearms, stun guns, explosives, flammables, chemicals, knives and striking devices.

You can find a full but not exclusive list of prohibited items here.

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Taking part in City Council

Anaheim's safety measures are designed to safeguard our local democracy. 

We will make every effort to ensure that safety measures do not prevent someone from speaking before Anaheim City Council.

Safety measures also do not apply to signs (without sticks or poles), T-shirts and clothing, and other non-disruptive forms of expression.