Acacia Neighborhood Phase II

anaheim public works

Acacia Neighborhood Phase II

January 2020 - June 2020

Project Description

The proposed project for the Acacia Phase II Neighborhood bordered by La Palma Avenue to the north, State College Boulevard to the east, Lincoln Avenue to the south, and East Street to the west. This neighborhood is located in central Anaheim and has a population of 6,067 residents (2010 Census) with 1,129 single-family homes or buildings and 1,058 units.

The project consists of improving the existing public right-of-way. The work includes removing and resurfacing asphalt, removal and reconstruction of ADA access ramps, concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, and driveway approaches. As part of this project, 1,118,000 square feet of street will be improved. Additionally, new pavement markings will be painted and new street signs will be installed. The estimated project cost is $3,357,510.


The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017- SB1

For cities, SB 1 will double the amount of revenues they each receive from the state for their local street maintenance and rehabilitation needs. Annually, $500 to $650 million will go to cities statewide, allocated on a per capita basis. A vast majority of the new revenues for cities will come out of the newly created Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (RMRA) where cities will have to prioritize fixing their existing infrastructure first before having some additional flexibility for those funds for other transportation needs.

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