Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP)

This WMP serves to establish methods and procedures used to construct, maintain, and operate the Utilities electrical lines and equipment to minimize the risk of wildfire posed by its infrastructure. The provisions in the Plan outline the preventative strategies and actions for fire prevention and suppression activities and specific operational response during elevated fire and weather conditions to limit potential electric sources of fire ignition in the FTZ within the Utilities service territory. 
 The WMP is intended to meet the provisions in Senate Bill 901 (Dodd) which became law in 2018 amending the Public Utilities Code Section 8387 to require all public and private utilities and corporations to assess whether portions of the geographical area where the utility’s overhead electrical lines and equipment are located has a significant risk of a catastrophic wildfire resulting from those electrical lines and equipment, and if so, present mitigation measures the utility intends to undertake to minimize that risk.

The Plan was developed in consultation with Anaheim Fire & Rescue and includes preventative strategies and future upgrades to limit the potential for wildfires, as well as actions to be taken during elevated weather conditions for risk mitigation in high Fire Threat Zones (FTZ) within Anaheim. It is important to note that approximately 98% of City-owned power lines in the FTZ are currently underground, which significantly reduces the overall risk to the community.

Every 3 years, a Qualified Independent Evaluator (QIE) is required to review the Wildfire Mitigation Plan for comprehensiveness of the update. Since a QIE report was last prepared in 2020, the 2023 WMP and the QIE report are available under the links below.

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Wildfire Mitigation Plan
Wildfire Mitigation Plan
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