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Small Business
Anaheim Public Utilities understands that these are uncertain times for everyone, especially small businesses. We remain committed to providing helpful resources and tools needed to help your business get back on track. For general inquiries about your business, call 714-765-4124 and an advisor will help you identify options and design a gameplan.

Step 1: Learn about available business resources

The City of Anaheim continues to provide a number of resources to help you address immediate and long-term financial challenges. For helpful information, federal, state, and local resources on workplace health and safety, and available funding for businesses impacted by coronavirus, visit the City's Economic Development page.

Step 2: Work out a payment program tailored to your needs

To ensure that large balances are not building up, we are offering various options to help you manage your utility bills. Let us help you identify a plan that works best for your business. Call 714-765-3300 to review your options


  • Suspension of shutoffs due to economic hardship- We've currently suspended all disconnections due to non-payment as well as non-essential planned outages. 
  • Bill deferrals- We are offering payment extensions and will work with you to get you back on track.
  • Payment plans- We provide a zero interest payment plan to help you pay off your existing balance.
  • Payment methods- We offer a variety of options to pay your bill based on your unique business needs.

Step 3: Find ways to lower your utility bill through efficiency improvements

Small changes to your business could  reduce your energy and water usage, and help lower your bill. Our Small Business Direct Install Program offers eligible customers energy efficient lighting and a smart thermostat to get you started. 

We can install these measures at no cost to you by following all guidelines for masks and social distancing, and schedule the work at a convenient time for you. We can also mail you the light and thermostat if you have other means of installing them. Please call 714-765-4124 for more information. 
Emergency Small Bus Asst
More Information on Coronavirus
All of Anaheim is responding the coronavirus outbreak. Check out our central information hub,, by clicking on the image above.
Anaheim Alert
Enroll in Anaheim's emergency notification system to receive urgent messages - like power outages - straight to your phone. Register by clicking the image above.
Fraud Alert
Scammers have been extremely active during the coronavirus crisis and are preying on unsuspecting individuals. Remember, we have suspended all disconnections due to non-payment so don't be fooled. If you get a suspicious call, hang up and call 311 (within city limits) or 714-765-3300 (outside of city limits). Click the image above to learn more.

Re-opening building procedures: Water

Providing safe water is our number one priority and a responsibility we share with you. The closure or underutilization of buildings during California’s “stay-at-home” order could cause water quality issues within a building’s plumbing system and connected appliances. Stagnant water loses disinfectant over time and warms to temperatures that allow growth of mold and bacteria which can cause hazards for returning occupants.

Each building has its own specific plumbing systems and design that need to be carefully inspected and monitored. Anaheim Public Utilities recommends building owners and operators create a reopening plan to address the following:

  1. Flushing the building’s water system (hot and cold)
  2. Inspection/cleaning of all devices and appliances connected to the water system including faucets and showers, ice machines, refrigerator water dispensers, coffee makers, decorative water features, etc.
  3. Hot tubs/spas/pools are safe to return to use
  4. Contact a plumbing expert or plumbing engineer for assistance, if needed

While there are no national or industry standards for reopening buildings, the following resources provide additional details to help you develop a reopening plan for your building:

Centers for Disease Control

Purdue University Center for Plumbing Safety

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is offering free webinars to guide reopening of buildings by specific building types.

*While reduced water flow in buildings can contribute to water quality issues, COVID-19 has not been found in drinking water supplies and is eliminated with standard water treatment processes.