Fence and Wall Zoning Permit

You can obtain a permit for a fence or wall electronically by following the instructions below. Fences and walls that are seven feet or less do not need a building permit but require Planning Division approval. The Planning Division will verify location and height to make sure the proposed fence/wall complies with our zoning code.

The following items will need to be completed in order to obtain the permit for the fence/wall:

  1. Complete page two of the Zoning Plan Check Review Application.
  2. You will then need to draw a site plan showing the entirety of your property in full. On the site plan, you will need to include all existing structures on your property (i.e. home, garage, shed, pool, etc.). You will also need to draw on the site plan where you intend to put the fence/wall. You will need to provide the height of the fence/wall and the total length of the fence/wall. We have included a sample site plan below as an example to help you draft your own.
  3. Submit your application and site plan via the new online portal called Go Post, accessible by clicking here.
  4. The fee for fence/wall review is $46. Upon receipt of your application via Go Post, our staff will contact you to help facilitate and collect the payment.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at (714) 765 - 5139.

Sample Site Plan

example site plan