Little Pine Park

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THANK YOU for your input on this exciting project! 

Your ideas and comments for the proposed park, which would be located between West Bellevue Drive and Interstate 5, have been incorporated into the Master Plan for the site, depicted below

The Master Plan and new park name, Little Pine Park, have been reviewed and approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

In addition, we have submitted a grant application for Prop 68 funds, and we are eagerly awaiting the agency's award announcements in late summer.

Master Plan Board
Amenities Board

Where is it?

Situated within a residential neighborhood west of Harbor Boulevard and south of Broadway, this potential park space lies between W. Bellevue Drive and the I-5 freeway.

New Park Project Location - Aerial map showing location of park

Why do we need it?

If developed into a park, this property would give residents a new place to exercise, picnic, and play. Shade trees and additional landscaping would help to cool the area and clean the air.     

What could it look like?

In the city of Anaheim, pocket parks generally contain picnic facilities, landscaping, artwork, open turf areas, or other improvements planned through community involvement. 

Past Community Engagement Events

Thank you for joining us for our virtual community meetings on Wednesday, October 14th and Thursday, November 12th!

In case you missed them - see below for recordings of the meetings.

Contact us:

Naomi Gruenthal, Project Manager