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Face masks, coverings

Anaheim and Orange County require face coverings in public in accordance with California guidelines. 

The Anaheim requirement, a binding order by our city manager under the city’s March 16 public health emergency declaration, makes state guidance for wearing face coverings mandatory in Anaheim.

The order applies to all residents and those working in or visiting Anaheim.

You can see a copy of the order here.

You can read more on OC’s requirement here.

You can see copy of Anaheim’s emergency declaration here.

A mask or face covering is required:

  • Inside and in line for any indoor public space
  • At any healthcare setting
  • Using public transit or rideshare
  • At workplaces in common areas
  • For any food service, packaging or distribution
  • In any room or enclosed area where you’re unable to distance from those outside your own household.
  • Outside when within six feet of others

Those with special considerations would be exempt, and face coverings are not required in certain situations:

  • Children younger than 2
  • Those with health, mental or developmental considerations
  • Those who face workplace risks from wearing a face covering
  • Medical treatments where removal is necessary
  • While eating or drinking
  • While exercising outdoors or indoors when distanced from others
  • While working outdoors when distanced
  • Those who are incarcerated

While face coverings do not completely protect against coronavirus, they are seen as a positive mitigating factor as California and Anaheim reopen.

Experts say the wearing of face coverings, in addition to social distancing, helps protect others from someone who may be sick or a carrier of coronavirus and stem the spread in the community. It can even provide some protection to the mask wearer by reducing the number of virus particles that get through.

We know there are strong opinions on face coverings, and it’s important to remember that social distancing, sanitation and staying home are still the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus in our community.

But, remember, any covering provides more protection than none at all. And be sure to wash your face coverings often.

We thank you for doing your part to keep Anaheim healthy!