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Outdoor Dining Grants

Are you a restaurant that has expanded your outdoor dining space to meet state guidelines? Apply now to get up to $2,000 in help.

Regulatory Relief

Anaheim has eased city rules for businesses to operate outdoors, display signs and sell alcohol to-go during the coronavirus crisis. 

For a summary of business relief click here.

The relief is based on a series of executive orders by our city manager. 

They are listed below.

No. 3 (extension of No. 1): restaurant takeout, alcohol sales

  • Allows restaurants to sell takeout alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the purchase of food at restaurants, extends alcoholic beverage sales to 2 a.m. 
  • Find out more details here
  • See the order here

No. 9 (extension of No. 4): restaurant, retail signage

  • Temporarily suspends special event permit requirement for businesses wanting to display signs informing customers of curbside pickup and food pickup services
  • Find out more details here
  • See the order here

No. 10 (extension of No. 6): restaurant outdoor dining

  • Temporarily suspends special event permit requirement  and outdoor dining standards for restaurants to create or expand outdoor dining and use of outdoor space to promote physical distancing
  • Find out more details here
  • See the order here

No. 11: permit and inspection fees

  • Temporarily suspends permit and inspection fees for addition of tents, outdoor canopies, generators, temporary power poles, etc.
  • See the order here

See a full list of the Anaheim's executive orders here.

County resources

Design Software

If you need help reimagining your space to serve customers during the pandemic, the county has expanded its Back2Business initiative by offering access to free floor plan software.

The first 1,000 businesses can use the software through Dec. 31, 2020. 

Get more details here