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Restaurants were some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, having to comply with many new regulations, including increasing outdoor dining options as well as ensuring social distancing, proper sanitation and providing PPE for employees.

Anaheim launched two programs to help local restaurants ensure employees and diners stayed safe during the height of the pandemic.

Both programs are now closed, as we move forward with reopening and recovery here in Anaheim and Orange County.

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Outdoor dining was a big part of keeping people safe while still supporting our local economy.

The Take it Outdoors: Restaurant Relief Grant Program offered Anaheim restaurants up to $2,000 to pay for current or previous expansion of their outdoor dining space. This included purchase of shade structures or umbrellas, décor, barricades or even renting tables and chairs. 

Thank you to all those who helped keep Anaheim safe this past year.

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As indoor dining gradually returned as we began our reopening, Anaheim helped eligible restaurants by providing free face masks and other protective gear as part of a program known as Restaurant Safe.

The Restaurant Safe package was designed to keep customers and employees safe as we all supported the economy recovery of Anaheim restaurants.

The package included:

Restaurant Safe package

Thank you to all the restaurants that helped their employees stay safe while helping Anaheim get back to normal.

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