Administrative Permits Submittal Instructions


All administrative applications are accepted using the new online portal called Go Post. By using Go Post you can submit your application and upload all plans and documents. 

All plans submitted will need to adhere to specific requirements under the E-Plan Submittal Requirements and the Sheet Numbering Guidelines. Please review the submittal requirements listed in the two documents linked below for more information. 

  1. E-Plan Submittal Requirements
  2. Sheet Numbering Guidelines

Applications Accepted

This portal accepts the following list of applications:

Administrative Permits

  • Administrative Adjustment
  • Recycling Permit
  • Residential Wayfinding Sign Permit
  • Shared Parking Permit
  • Specimen Tree Removal Permit
  • Telecommunication Antenna
  • Exterior Alterations to Mills Act Properties
  • Delay of Enforcement - Accessory Dwelling Unit

Zoning Plan Review

  • Administrative Substantial Conformance
  • Major Plan Review
  • Compact to Standard Parking Conversion
  • Parking Lot Re-Striping
  • Minor Plan Review
  • Fence and Wall Zoning Permit

Regulatory Permits

  • Entertainment Permit
  • Massage Establishment Permit Application
  • Smoking Lounge
  • Wholesale Automotive Sales Office
  • Sex-Oriented Business Permit Application
  • (Community Care Facilities) Operator's Permit - Sober Living Home, Community Care Facility
  • (Community Care Facilities ) Operator's Registration - OC Sheriff Sober Living Home

Outdoor & Promotional Event

  • Banner/Balloons and Grand Opening Banner 
  • Carnival & Circus
  • Tree Lot & Pumpkin Patch
  • Outdoor Event
  • Special Circumstance Waiver

If you do not see your application type listed above, please visit our Forms & Applications webpage to find the right online portal for your application or contact us at (714) 765-5139.

Payment Required

Payment is required prior to your plan being accepted. After you complete your submittal, you will receive an email with the amount due, you may pay this amount via our online portal or drop off or mail in your check. Once payment is received your application will be routed for review.

Click here to submit your Application

*For the best experience, we recommend using an updated version of Chrome or Edge.*

Go Post Submittal Video Tutorial

The video below illustrates the first step that you can expect when submitting your application using the Go Post portal.