Electronic Plan Review

The City is pleased to announce you can now submit your Building, Planning and Public Works plans online. Below are the plans we are accepting for online submittal by Department. Please click on the department link below to access the correct portal.

BuildingPlanningPublic Works
  • Sign (monument)
  • Administrative Adjustment
  • Administrative Permit
  • Carnival, Circus, Tree and Pumpkin Sales
  • Conceptual Development Review
  • Development Application
  • Operator’s Permit – Sober Living Home, Community Care Facility
  • Operator’s Registration – OC Sheriff Sober Living Home
  • Regulatory Permit
  • Special Circumstances Waiver
  • Special Event Permit
  • Wholesale Auto Dealer


  • Abandonments   
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Dedication of Right of Way or Easement  
  • Encroachment License
  • Lot Line Adjustment
  • Grading
  • Right of Way Improvements/Permit
  • Subdivisions (Tract/Parcel)   
  • Water Quality Management Plan