Building Division - Electronic Plan Review

Anaheim Building is pleased to announce the acceptance of online plan submittal using our new Go Post portal. If you already have a Public Works account, you will still need to create a new Go Post account for Building.

Go Post is your one stop place to:

  • Upload Initial and Resubmittals of Plans
  • Submit Applications and Forms
  • Receive Corrections
  • Track Status of Plan Review

Please Note…for the best experience, we recommend using an updated version of Chrome or Edge

Payment Required

Payment is required prior to your plan being accepted.  After you complete your submittal, you will receive an email with the amount due, you may pay this amount by contacting the Building department at 714-765-5153 or by mailing in your check. Once payment is received your plan will be routed for review.

Project Types

At this time we are offering the following project types for electronic plan submittal.  With the submittal of your plan, please include a completed plan check application and any forms that are applicable to your project. 

    • Signs (wall, monument, projecting, pole) (application)
    • Wireless Telecommunication Facility Alterations
    • Demolition (entire building)
    • Block Wall/Retaining Wall
    • Single Family Residential Patio Covers
    • Single Family Residential Swimming Pools
    • Single Family Residential Solar