Public Works - Electronic Plan Review

Anaheim Public Works pleased to announce the acceptance of online plan submittal using our new Go Post portal.

Go Post is your one stop place to:

  • Upload Initial and Resubmittals of Plans
  • Submit Applications and Forms
  • Receive Corrections
  • Track Status of Plan Review

Please Note…for the best experience, we recommend using an updated version of Chrome or Edge

Payment Required
New projects require a DTF form and payment of funds before projects can be processed. Upon submittal of your project including the Signed DTF form (if required) submitted with your plans and acceptance of your plans; you will be directed to our online portal.  Upon payment, your project will be processed and you will receive a receipt.

Pavement Cut Fee
City Council approved a New Pavement Trench Cut Fee on 09/13/2022, effective on 10/28/2022. Click HERE to review the approved Ordinance and Resolution.

The Pavement Trench Cut Fee will be charged for any excavation within the public right of way. This includes, but is not limited to; trenching, micro-trenching, bore pits, and potholes within City of Anaheim public streets. This fee will range from $100 to $50,000 +, depending on the extent of the work. A check for the Pavement Trench Cut Fee must be submitted prior to permit issuance at the Public Works Counter and made payable to the City of Anaheim. Please click HERE for the Pavement Cut Fee form instructions, and form/estimator.

Project Types
We are offering the following project types for electronic plan submittal.  With the submittal of your plan, please include a completed plan check application and any forms that are applicable to your project.  For your convenience, we have placed links to the Public Works, Development Services project requirements site below.