Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Electric Car

Considering Purchasing a Plug-In Electric Vehicle?

Get started: With the growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, we have updated our infrastructure and streamlined our processes to make it easier for residential and commercial customers, as well as visitors to recharge their vehicles.

Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?

  • Cheaper: Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline and electric cars require less maintenance.
  • Cleaner: Driving on electricity produces less vehicle emissions.

Did You Know?

The best time to plug in your EV is between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 a.m.
  1. Personal EV Charger Rebate

    Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate for customers who install a Level 2 plug-in electric vehicle charger. Anaheim Public Utilities will reimburse customers for out-of-pocket expenses up to $500 per charger.

  2. Public EV Charger Rebate

    Receive a rebate for actual equipment & installation costs up to $5,000 per charger for public access EV charging stations serving visitors, patrons, employees, or residents of multi-unit dwelling locations within Anaheim (up to $10,000 per charger for school or qualified affordable housing locations).

  3. Chargers & Charging

    Basic Charging Circuit Requirements: Charging hybrid electric vehicles and all-electric vehicles requires plugging into an electric vehicle supply equipment.

  4. EV Acronyms

    Find the meaning of common electric vehicle acronyms.

  1. EV Buying Guide

    Looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save money or just contribute less to that nasty smog? This is your buying guide to the cleanest, most efficient cars on the market.

  2. EV FAQ

    Question: I’m interested in installing a Level II electric vehicle (EV) charger in my home. How do I get started? Find answers to frequently asked questions about electric vehicles.

  3. EV Readiness Guide

    If you are thinking about purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle, it is important to know that there are a number of decisions you need to make and actions you may need to take before you drive one home, learn more.

  4. Types of Plug-In EVs

    A Plug-In Electric Vehicle is any motor vehicle recharged by an external source of electricity and operates on public highways. There are several types of plug-in electric vehicles: Learn the different types of plug-in electric vehicles.