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Reopening: Anaheim Businesses

Anaheim businesses and other establishments return to largely normal public operations for the public as of June 15, 2021. California’s reopening tiers and business guidelines are no longer in effect.

While nearly all guidelines will go away for the public, rules for employees and workplace across California, including here in Anaheim, are still evolving.

Through June 28, rules from the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, or Cal-OSHA, create separate, differing requirements for workplaces and employees. See more under "Workplaces, employees."

For the Public

Capacity limits
There are no capacity limits for businesses and organizations beyond regular public safety and fire marshal limits.

Social distancing, signs
There are no longer state guidelines or recommendations for social distancing or limiting of customers in public spaces. Signs and floor markers are no longer required.


California has adopted the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for masks. Fully vaccinated people are not be required to wear masks indoors or out, except in sensitive spaces including schools, daycare, hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters and for air travel and mass transit.


The mask guidelines are based on the honor system. It is up to individual businesses to decide if they will verify vaccination status and require masks for those who are unvaccinated.

Workplaces, Employees

Through June 28, California has separate rules for workplaces and employees through Cal-OSHA.


These workplace rules are evolving and are may come in line with those for the public in late June.

But, for now, there are separate, differing rules for employees and workplaces than those for the public.


Masks for employees

Masks are required for employees working indoors, regardless of whether they've been vaccinated.


Masks do not need to be worn:

  • Alone in a room or office or eating or drinking distanced from others
  • If you have a medically exempt condition
  • If wearing a mask presents an occupational hazard, such as operating equipment
  • Working outdoors by yourself

Social Distancing

Employees will need to continue to keep social distance. Cal-OSHA recognizes there are times in the course of work where keeping distance of six feet is not possible. In those cases, employees should keep as much distance as possible and wear masks.


Protective plastic barriers remain in place, and businesses should continue basic cleaning protocols.