EV Fleet Charger & Infrastructure Rebate

This program provides rebates to commercial customers and schools to electrify their vehicle fleet. Business fleet customers receive $5,000 per charging station and up to $45,000 per site for associated EV charger infrastructure upgrades. Schools receive $10,000 per EV charger and up to $95,000 per site for associated infrastructure upgrades.
AESD bus charging
All program participants with an associated sub-meter installation may receive up to a $5,000 rebate. In addition, Anaheim will pay the applicable city permit fees, reimburse city plan check fees up to $1,500 and electric service connection fees up to $2,000.

Subject to funding availability

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Program Steps:

1. Please carefully read the Electric Vehicle Fleet Charger and Infrastructure Rebate Pilot Program Reservation Form (including the “Electric Vehicle Fleet Charger and Infrastructure Rebate Pilot Program Agreement Terms and Conditions” section) before completing the form and emailing it to the program manager at EVRebates@anaheim.net.

2. Customers who have been awarded a rebate will be mailed an approval letter and provided with a Rebate Reservation Number.

3. After receiving the approval letter, contact Electrical Engineering at 714-765-5156 to inquire about EV chargers installation requirements. 

4. Obtain a permit for the installation of your new charger(s) at:

200 South Anaheim Boulevard,
First Floor, Suite 145, Counter 1

Anaheim, CA 92805 

5. Install your new EV charging station in accordance with the Electric Vehicle Fleet Charger and Infrastructure Rebate Pilot Program Agreement within one year of receiving your Rebate Reservation Number. 

6. Please read the terms and conditions in the Electric Vehicle Fleet Charger and Infrastructure Rebate Pilot Program Agreement before completing the form and submitting with all supporting documents.
  • Submit documents to: EVRebate@anaheim.net or mail to:
    EV Fleet Charger & Infrastructure Rebate Pilot Program
    201 South Anaheim Boulevard, Suite 801
    Anaheim, CA 92805 
  • Supporting documents include:
    • EV Rebate Reservation Number
    • All charging station purchase and installation receipts
    • Copy of Building Department Permit Card showing final sign off
    • W-9 Form filled out by the customer receiving the rebate
    • Current utility bill for the same address as the new sub-meter
    • Documentation or proof of fleet vehicles for networked EV charging stations. 
7. To assign the rebate to a third party, complete the Electric Vehicle Fleet Charger & Infrastructure Rebate Assignment Form

Note: Building permit fees associated with the EV charger installation will be paid by Anaheim Public Utilities. If you have any questions about the permitting process please call Building Services at 714-765-5153.