DisneylandForward is a proposal to update where types of development Mapcan go and how it mixes together on land Disney owns around its Anaheim theme parks.

The proposal calls for allowing theme park attractions alongside hotels on the west side of Disneyland Drive and theme park attractions alongside new shopping, dining and entertainment to the southeast on what is today the Toy Story Parking Area.

The proposal also calls for additional parking east of the theme parks and potential foot bridges across Harbor Boulevard and Disneyland Drive.

The proposal does not request any new acreage, square footage or hotel rooms to be developed. Instead, it would shift already approved development amounts across land Disney owns. 

The proposed zoning changes could allow for the building of attractions in Anaheim like those seen at Disney parks across the world.

We don't know what exactly might be built at this early stage. We are studying an updated mix of uses, rather than a specific new land, attraction or other use. If new zoning is adopted, individual projects would still undergo city planning review.

Anaheim is open to evaluating DisneylandForward because of what visitors mean to our city. Visitors account for more than half the revenue we use to serve our residents with police, fire, libraries, community services and to pay down city debt.

Continued growth of The Anaheim Resort helps us serve residents, businesses and visitors.

You can learn more about DisneylandForward below.

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DisneylandForward requires an analysis of potential impacts on transportation, noise, public services, utilities, air quality and other areas, building on prior environmental studies that have been done.

A draft subsequent environmental impact review is available for review and comment now through Oct. 30.

The draft analsysis is a technical document focused on changes and ways to offset any potential significant impacts as needed.

It does not look at the pros and cons of DisneylandForward or whether the proposal should be approved or not. 

We welcome comments on the draft analysis. There will be plenty of opportunities to share general comments on DisneylandForward as the proposal goes before our Planning Commission and City Council, which is expected in 2024.

Click here to see the draft environmental review and related documents.

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