Doing Business with the City

The city purchases a wide variety of materials, equipment and services by using competitive quotes for purchases of $5,000 - $20,000 and formal bids or requests for proposals for purchases in excess of $20,000.

Bid Process

All bid documents and specifications are located on our website for you to review and print. By registering your company in our electronic bid management system you will receive email notifications when a bid relevant to your company is issued by the Purchasing Division.

Our competitive bids are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder meeting the city’s specifications. Material suppliers located within Anaheim city limits are given a 1% pricing allowance based on the city’s receipt of a proportionate return of sales tax on the goods to be purchased.

Requests for proposals are scored according to the criteria listed in the proposal documents, and awards are made to the company that best meets the needs of the city.

The results of our bids and requests for proposals are displayed on our website, along with the name of the company who is awarded the resulting contract. If a bidder wishes to formally protest a bid, please refer to the attached procedure.

Supplier Qualifications

The majority of our bids do not require suppliers to be preapproved prior to submitting a bid. Each bid specification includes any relevant supplier qualifications. Examples of some general requirements that may be included in our bid specifications are:
  • Anaheim Business License – A license must be obtained if you are awarded a contract.
  • California State Contractor’s License – The type of license will be indicated in the bid specifications. If the labor classification is covered by prevailing wages, the supplier must also have a valid Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”) registration number.
  • Client References – Verification of your company’s experience providing comparable services.
  • Insurance Coverage – Suppliers performing work on city property are required to have general liability, auto and worker’s compensation insurance.