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Boysen Park is Getting a Refresh!

Since October of 2022 we've held several community meetings to talk about how we will invest $15 million in state funding at Boysen Park.

The funding will allow us to refresh and expand the iconic park by roughly 2.5 acres.

At our most recent meeting on March 14th, we presented the Final Master Plan to the community. The Master Plan is a culmination of five months of outreach meetings and community feedback. View the plan below to see the exciting future improvements! 

Some of the new and updated amenities include: basketball courts, skate park, play areas, shaded picnic areas, refurbished baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, water play spray zone, obstacle or ninja course, fitness equipment, a dog park, and more

Please let us know if you have any additional feedback. Click on the image to zoom in.

Boysen Park Master Plan_FINAL

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Baseball, softball fields closure

Boysen Park baseball and softball fields remain temporarily closed for soil cleanup after testing in some areas of the fields showed samples of lead.

We have a cleanup plan under review and are working thoughtfully and diligently to get the fields reopened as soon as possible.

The plan includes removal of old soil and replacement with fresh soil.

The playgrounds, picnic areas, open grassy field, southwest soccer field, tennis courts and remaining areas on the north and south sides of Boysen Park are unimpacted and remain open.

We never like to see our park spaces close, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue our work to reopen them.

Questions, feedback

Residents are encouraged to submit park refresh ideas and feedback to