Pay Permit Fees

With our new Accela program, we are offering new features to provide you with easier access, convenient payment options, and real-time status updates on your records.


To start this new process, please Access the following direct link

If you are unable to access the link directly, you can navigate to the site by visiting the website. Once there, click on City Hall.

Once on the City Hall page, click on Planning and Building under the Departments column.

In the center of Planning and Building’s site, you will see the link for Anaheim Next, which you can click on to access our Citizen Access Portal.


Your first action will be to register for an Account.

Accela - Fire 1

Once you have registered for an account, you will have the ability to access the portal to view your records, pay your fees, and check the status of your applications or permits.

Following registration, please log out and log back in, to ensure that the registration is complete and your access is complete.

Once on the main home page, following log-in, you will want to click on the Fire tab to access the Fire Records Module.


At the bottom of the page, you will see the General Search area. Here, you are able to enter the known information regarding your permits, and click search.


Once you have located your specific record, you may click on the record number to view the record information

Accela - Fire 3

To pay any fees that may be due, you click on the Payments tab and follow the steps to complete a payment on line. Fees post to your record immediately following the processing of payments.