General Plan Update Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR)


The City has kicked off the process to prepare the Program EIR for various General Plan Element updates and other associated work efforts. 

As the first step, the City prepared a Notice of Preparation (NOP) and held a public scoping meeting. The NOP comment period closed on March 18, 2022. Visit this page for more details on the NOP and the scoping meeting.

The City is currently in process of preparing the draft Program EIR.

Welcome to the City of Anaheim's General Plan Update project Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) page. Pursuant to requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), City of Anaheim is preparing a PEIR to support the General Plan Update project, which includes the following work efforts:

  • Updates to the Circulation Element and Safety Element;
  • A new Environmental Justice Element;
  • Updates to the City's Zoning Code, Zoning Map, and the Land Use Element to ensure consistency and allow for future implementation of the updated elements, including the 2021-2029 Housing Element (pending adoption); and
  • A new Climate Action Plan

In addition to above, the General Plan Update project may include amendment of other General Plan elements to ensure consistency between the elements.

What is CEQA and a PEIR?

CEQA is a California law that generally requires state and local agencies as lead agencies to inform decision makers and the public about the potentially significant environmental effects of a proposed project and to identify ways to reduce or eliminate those environmental effects. CEQA requires lead agencies to prepare an environmental impact report (EIR) if there is a potential for a project to cause adverse environmental effects. An EIR contains detailed information on potential effects, measures to mitigate those effects, and an analysis of alternatives to the project. 

A PEIR is a type of EIR that is used to evaluate a project such the General Plan Update project, which includes a series of actions that may be considered as one large project, and are related either geographically or as logical parts in the chain of contemplated actions. Use of a PEIR provides the opportunity to consider broad policy alternatives and program-wide mitigation measures, along with greater flexibility to address project-specific and cumulative environmental issues on a comprehensive basis.

PEIR Process

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