TreePower Rebate Program

TreePower, a partnership between Anaheim Public Utilities and City of Anaheim Community Services, offers a program to provide FREE trees to Anaheim single family residents. In addition, you may apply for tree rebates for homeowners interested in purchasing their own. 
 Shade trees that are properly planted can help cut the costs of air conditioning as well as beautify residences and the community as a whole. 

Apply here to receive up to three $20 rebates for shade trees that save money and energy

or call 714-491-TREE (8733).

Fruit trees and palm trees do not qualify for rebates.

How the program works:

  • Buy up to three shade trees at a nursery of your choice. Recommended trees include: Crape Myrtle, Flowering Plum, African Sumac, Bronze Loquat, Gold Medallion and Redbud which have a maximum height of 25 feet. At time of purchase, trees must be 5 gallons or larger.
  • Plant your tree(s) at your convenience.

To receive rebate(s). trees must be planted at least 8 feet from the home on the east, south or west side. 

*Maximum rebate amount is $20 per tree.

A TreePower specialist will inspect tree plantings and then mail your rebate within 30 days.

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