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Anaheim City Council adopted the updated Safety Element on January 10, 2023. The final version is viewable at the link below.  Contact with any questions.

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What is a Safety Element?

A Safety Element is a key component of the City’s General Plan. The purpose of the Anaheim Safety Element is to identify and include safety considerations during the decision-making and planning process by establishing goals and policies as they relate to future developments within the city. These goals and policies aim to reduce personal injury and loss of life, prevent property destruction, and reduce environmental damage throughout the community. The Safety Element focuses on addressing potential threats associated with: 

  • Wildland / Urban Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Severe Weather (Windstorms / Extreme Heat / Drought)
  • Dam Failure
  • Landslide
  • Flood/Storm

Why is the City Updating the Safety Element?

Safety Elements are governed by California Government Code Section 65302(g). This set of regulations governs the how, when, and what is included in a Safety Element, and identifies the triggers for future updates. Recent additions to the code requiring the City to update the Element include:

  • SB 1241 (2014): Requires the City to address wildfire hazard issues due to the presence of Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ). To learn more about where these zones are located in Anaheim, visit
  • SB 379 (2017): Requires the City to address climate adaptation and resiliency through the preparation of a vulnerability assessment or reliance on a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan that addresses climate adaptation risks and vulnerabilities.
  • SB 1035 (2018): Aligns the update of the Safety Element with the next Housing Element update, which shall be updated at least every eight years to address new requirements and incorporate updated information during this time. 
  • SB 99 (2020): Requires the Safety Element to identify residential developments in any hazard area that do not have at least two emergency evacuation routes.

The City’s General Plan Safety Element is most effective in establishing policy when it is up to date with the most current data and mapping available. Frequent updates allow the Safety Element to adapt and better protect existing and future developments within the City and surrounding areas. 

How is the Safety Element Updated?

The process by which the City is updating the Safety Element includes the preparation of an updated Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, a Climate Adaptation Vulnerability Assessment, and updated goals and policies within a revised Safety Element. This update process includes collaboration with key city departments (ex: fire, police, public works, planning) that are assisting with coordination of outreach meetings, stakeholder coordination, and finally, review and approval. The approval process requires adoption by the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection before final adoption by the Anaheim City Council. 

To stay engaged, please check the City’s web pages for both the Safety Element and Local Hazard Mitigation Plan updates. 


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