Anaheim Fire & Rescue Paramedic Membership Program

If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911.

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It is important to make sure your family is protected in the event of an emergency. One emergency call can cost you hundreds of dollars. That is why the City of Anaheim offers the Paramedic Membership Program, which can help reduce the cost of a paramedic response.

How it Works

The Paramedic Membership Program is available to Anaheim residents and businesses.

When enrolled in the Paramedic Membership Program, we will waive the amount of the paramedic response fee (currently $399) from your bill after a paramedic response to your home or business. The cost for this membership is only $43 per year and is added to your Anaheim Public Utilities bill ($3.58 per month). If you do not receive a utility bill from the City of Anaheim, you can enroll by check or money order.

The program provides unlimited Paramedic/First Response coverage for you and your household anywhere in Anaheim. The program also covers your family and friends if they have a medical emergency while at your home.

For Anaheim businesses, the program covers you and your employees while at work. Your customers may be covered by their residential memberships if they live in Anaheim.

3 Ways to Sign Up

  1. Email us at Include your name, address, telephone number, and your Anaheim Public Utilities account number.
  2. Mail a completed application and payment to:

    Anaheim Fire & Rescue
    Attn: Paramedic Membership Program
    201 S. Anaheim Blvd., #300
    Anaheim, CA 92805

    For application, choose one of the following:

  3. Call us at 714-765-4060.