Building Permits

If you plan on changing the use of a property, e.g. converting a retail shop to a restaurant, we recommend that before you sign a lease or purchase agreement for a property that you check with our building staff to ensure that any improvements to bring it up to code are not cost prohibitive for your project. You can either talk with staff directly at 714-765-5153, or submit an Anaheim Anytime request.

When Building Permits Are Required

Most improvements require permits before the start of construction. However, work that is cosmetic does not require permits. For more information on what type of work requires a permit, please refer to our when building permits are required FAQ.

Business Solutions Specialist

If you are planning to make any tenant improvement or construct any new structures or additions, upon submittal of your plans, a Business Solutions Specialist will be assigned to your project. A Business Solutions Specialist will be your one-point contact to answer questions, monitor the progress of your project, and coordinate communication with city staff, from the time plans are submitted to the final inspection. For more information regarding this program contact our Business Assistance Manager, John P. Ramirez at 714-765-4959.
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