Bulky Item Collection


Did You Miss Your Annual Neighborhood Clean-up?

No worries! Anaheim offers a year-round solution for disposing of large items like furniture, appliances, and more, through our FREE bulky item pickup service provided by Republic 

Each household is entitled to three (3)  bulky item pickups per calendar year at no cost, with collections limited to twenty (20) items per pick up. Simply prepare a list of the items you need hauled away, and on the scheduled pick up date, move them to curb for collectionPlease note, that Republic Services does not enter homes to retrieve items. 

How do I Use this Service? 

To use this service, schedule an appointment by contacting Republic Services Customer Service at (714) 238-2444 or visiting www.anaheim.net/republicservices. Bulky item collections can be arranged consecutively, but please schedule pickups prior to your move-out date, as this service is not intended for emergency removals. Once your three annual pick-ups are used, they renew at the start of the following calendar year.

For abandoned bulky items on public property, such as alleys, streets or sidewalks, contact 3-1-1 or file an Anaheim Anytime Request, and our Public Works Department will coordinate with Republic Services for pick-up. This service does not affect your household's designated annual pick-ups. Check out the other services your city provides for solid waste and recycling.