Anaheim Outdoors Connectivity Plan - Citywide

The Anaheim Outdoors Connectivity Plan was approved by the City Council in April 2013. This Citywide Master Plan was fully funded by the Proposition 84 Urban Greening Grant along with a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments. These grant funds were used to identify a unique network of parks and trails that the City could connect in order to increase green space through a planned system of green corridors that will connect residents, visitors, and employees to both existing and planned high-density urban areas. The plan also allows for the development of projects that emphasize:

  • Bioswales
  • Demonstration gardens
  • Multimodal and non-motorized trails and pathways
  • Open spaces
  • Pocket parks
  • River walk
  • Shade trees
  • Storm water filtration and collection systems
  • Wildlife corridors

Community Goals

Community goals were established through a series of public and stakeholder meetings, along with input collected through the City’s website. From this process, 8 goals emerged to guide the project’s development. The Anaheim Outdoors Connectivity Plan will:

  • Build Community
  • Enhance Property’s Financial Value
  • Foster Sustainable Landscapes
  • Improve Connectivity
  • Increase Recreational Opportunities
  • Promote Healthy Lifestyles
  • Promote Safety
  • Provide for the Implementation and Maintenance of the Plan