Legislative Impacts on Utilities

Each year, thousands of new bills are introduced as part of the state and federal legislative process, with many having the potential to affect Anaheim Public Utilities’ operations and rates.
Even though Anaheim Public Utilities operates on a not-for-profit basis, many legislative bills still result in increased costs to provide electric service in California. In fact, recent and pending legislative mandates are expected to continue to increase Electric service costs into the future.

Low Electric and Water Rates

Nevertheless, Anaheim residents still enjoy electric rates that are the lowest in Orange County and water rates that are among the lowest of all Orange County water agencies – and that is no coincidence. Our focus is to maximize customer benefits and to minimize any negative impacts that proposed legislation may have on your rates. Our agency is owned by the Anaheim ratepayers and our budget and policies are controlled by the Anaheim City Council. We are not motivated by profit margins or stock dividends to increase your rates.
CA State Flag Capital
However, more and more legislative and regulatory mandates, as well as their associated costs, remain beyond the control of our local policy body. Instead, they are controlled by state and federal policymakers, and even though many of our local Orange County legislators urge their peers to consider the costs when implementing new legislation, many bills are still passed through the legislature that will ultimately raise the cost of both electric and water services.
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