Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is ADUheim?

It is Anaheim’s commitment to supporting the development of ADUs in Anaheim. (hence the creative name) because these residential units help Anaheim's efforts to combat the housing shortage. 

2. What is ADU Express?

ADU Express is an expedited review and approval of ADU plans based on eligibility requirements and the use of a plan from the  Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue.  Staff is prepared to assist residents and applicants through the ADU Express process, including creating a site-specific site plan.  Please visit the  ADU Express site for information and step by step assistance on the program, or email staff at with questions on how to start the process. 

3. Is my address eligible for an ADUheim ADU?

Due to the unique nature of the various parts of Anaheim, staff has been able to develop an easy-to-use ADU Express Eligibility Tool to verify eligibility. By typing in your address, it will indicate if your property is eligible for ADU Express.  If you have questions after using the ADU Express Eligibility Tool, email

4. What are the advantages of the ADUheim process vs. Standard ADU permit review? 

The ADU Express process saves property owners time and money in the initial phase of constructing an ADU.  In addition, since plans from the Pre-Approved Catalogue are used for ADU Express, it expedites staffs review and approval of a building permit.

5. Can I use a custom engineered design for an ADU Express streamlined submittal?

No, only pre-approved ADU plans found on our  Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page may be submitted for streamlined review under ADU Express. Because the pre-approved plans have been reviewed by all departments as-is, they cannot be modified by owners. You can submit your custom designed plans through the standard building permit review process, which is discussed on the ADUheim landing page

6. Can I convert or expand an existing structure to create an ADU?

Conversions or expansions of existing structures are not eligible for ADU Express.  Contacting a design professional (Architect, Engineer, or designer) can help you understand what improvements may need to be done to an existing space to make an ADU or JADU. The ADUheim landing page has information on ADU/JADU requirements in Anaheim and links to the Building Division information for project submittal.

7. Can I use a pre-fabricated (“prefab”) or modular design?

Potentially, yes. As of right now there are no prefab or modular plans in the Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page, but staff has been contacted by various third-party prefab and modular products that may be added soon.  Please continue to check the Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page if you are looking for that type of unit.  You can propose a prefab or modular ADU unit now, but it would be through the standard building permit review process discussed on the ADUheim landing page.

8. Can I propose an attached ADU under ADU Express?

No, only detached ADUs  listed on the Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page are eligible for ADU Express. If you would like to propose an attached ADU,  the standard building permit review process would apply. Information on the standard ADU building permit process can be found on the ADUheim landing page.

9. Where can I obtain pre-approved plans?

See our Pre-Approved Plan Catalogue Page for a list of pre-approved plans.  The “Notes” column will indicate if the plans are available for free and if any additional documentation is required for submittal (I.e. site plan, Title 24, structural details).

10. When should I email to meet with staff?

On the  ADU Express Process page there is information on each step of what a property owner or applicant must do to move forward with the program.  At various stages of the ADU Express process it may be appropriate to email Staff at to request meetings for site plan development, preliminary review, or final project submittal and approval.  However, if at any time you have questions, please email us and we will assist you.  

11. Do I need a new address prior to my submittal?

If you are submitting a plan through the standard permit review process, you will need to request a new address from the Permit Assistance Center on the first floor of City Hall prior to submittal. 

If you are applying for an ADU Express approval, an address will be created for you during the submittal meetings with Staff.

12. How do I get  new address for my ADU?

Address are assigned by submitting a request to the Planning Information Team counter in the Permit Assistance Center on the 1st floor of City Hall. From there City staff will work with other Divisions to create the new address for you.

13. Do I need a new electric panel for my ADU?

Yes, you may need a panel upgrade and/or other utilities-related work completed on your property prior to ADU approval. Please call Anaheim Public Utilities at (714) 765-6847 and they will provide you the necessary information to move forward with and ADU, JADU, or ADU Express project. 

14. Do I submit hardcopy plans?

For standard Building Division permit submittal, you will need multiple copies (5) of full-size (24” x 36”) plans to submit at the Permit Assistance Center Building Counter in City Hall. 

If you are proposing a project through ADU Express, you will not need hard copies of plans, as everything is done electronically. 

15. What are my fees for an ADUheim Project?

ADU permitting fees, including any development impact fees, are typically based on square footage and fixture counts. In addition, School Fees are required for all new units, and are required to be paid to the applicable School District prior to issuance of building. At the time of submittal, Staff will inform you of which School District and location you will need to go to in order to pay your School Fees. For additional information on applicable fees, please contact the Building Department at (714)765-5153. 

Still not seeing your question or answer? Email us at and we will address any questions you have.