Wire Theft and Vandalism

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Wire theft and vandalism are on the rise. This is a serious issue impacting the community and Anaheim Public Utilities needs your help to identify theft and report illegal activity. 

It is important to note that non-operational street lights may have exposed wires near the base, and nearby electrical box lids may be removed. Those involved in the theft of wire may be wearing construction clothing and operating unbranded vehicles. Beware of suspicious individuals in the act of removing materials and causing damage to the light.

If you see suspicious activity or a theft in progress, DO NOT ENGAGE! Call 714-765-1900.

To report damaged or non-working street lights:

  • Request street light repair through the My Anaheim app
  • Submit a concern through the Anaheim Anytime website
  • Call 714-765-3300

We appreciate your patience during this time. Wiring repairs may take several weeks depending on the extent of the damage.

Anaheim Public Utilities is using different methods of reducing theft issues such as solar-powered lighting solutions, tamper-proof electrical boxes, utilizing wires made with non-copper materials, and collaborating with the Anaheim Police Department on theft attempt trends.

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