Commercial Recycling & Organic Waste Waiver

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Many Anaheim residents and businesses are already implementing the city's new organic waste recycling program in their homes and kitchens. The program kicked off in July 2023 following state requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. Learn more about the organic waste recycling program here.

For single family residences, the brown bin is now used for yard, food and other organic waste. 

Residents in HOA communities are receiving a new 35 gallon bin for food and organic waste. 

Soon, commercial and apartment communities will receive a new bin that fits near their existing trash bins. If you believe you don't generate enough waste or have enough room for an additional bin, you may apply for a waiver.

Businesses and multi-family properties with five or more units may submit an application to waive their obligation to comply with some or all recycling and organic waste requirements based on one of the following criteria:

Amount of waste or recycling generated

  • Commercial businesses that generate a minimal amount of organic waste or recyclables based on the following:
    • Total trash collection (trash, recycle and organic waste combined) is 2 cubic yards or more of service per week and total recyclable and organic waste generated is less than 20 gallons per week
    • Total trash collection (trash, recycle and organic waste combined) is less than 2 cubic yards of service per week and total recyclable and organic waste generated is less than 10 gallons per week

Physical Space

    • Businesses that lack space for recyclable bins or organic waste bins must provide evidence showing lack of adequate space. The city, Republic Services, a licensed architect, or licensed engineer will evaluate the site.

Note: the smallest container size available is 35-gallons; recycling and trash split collection bins are available upon approval by Republic Services 

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After the application is completed, you may be contacted by the city, a representative or Republic Services to schedule a site visit. If approved, the wavier is valid for up to five years

Waiver Holder Requirements

  • Must cooperate with the city and Republic Services for compliance inspections
  • Must notify if circumstances change that impact waiver eligibility, re-evaluation may be required
  • The city may withdraw a waiver if the information provided on the application is later found to be inaccurate, misleading or false
  • The city may withdraw waiver at any time if it finds that conditions have changed and the business or residence no longer qualifies for a waiver under local and state law

For more details regarding waiver requirements click here