Urban Search & Rescue Team

Anaheim Fire & Rescue Urban Search and Rescue Team (US&R), is one of our newest resources in Anaheim. US&R is the process of locating, extricating and providing initial medical treatment to victims trapped as a result of structural collapses and other natural or man-made catastrophes.

Specialized Training

More than 150 hours of specialized training including the handling of tools and necessary techniques are needed to participate as a member of this team. US&R is applicable to use in a wide range of day to day emergency incidents including rescuing survivors of confined space, mass transportation incidents, climbing, industrial machinery accidents as well as rescuing victims from floods, swift-water, high-rise fire incidents and cave-ins.

Multi-Hazard Discipline

US&R is a "multi-hazard" discipline, and considered one of the most complex and difficult activities emergency responders may encounter.

Our dedicated US&R team is housed at our Resort Station 2 at 2141 W. Crescent Ave.