Life Safety Section

Services Provided

The Fire/Life Safety Section of the Community Risk Reduction Division provides a number of services to the community. These services include fire safety inspections, fire-code permits, fire and building code plan reviews for new construction and fire protection systems. The Section also coordinates the Knox-Box Program, private hydrant-testing program and responds to citizen complaints. Other services include regulation of trade shows, carnivals, fairs and outdoor assemblies, issuing permits for pyrotechnic displays, tents, canopies and temporary membrane structures as well as other types of one-time permits required by the Fire Code.

Coordinating Activities & Programs

Other activities include providing advanced planning reviews and consultations for major projects and establishing mitigation measures for environmental impact reports. This section also coordinates the Weed Abatement Program for the city, brush clearance inspections and reviews fuel modification plans for the Wildland Urban Interface Area of the City designated as the Special Protection Area.

The Community Risk Reduction Division also responds to public records requests of all documents related to the fire department inspection activities.

Fee Schedule

Access the current adopted fee schedule for the Fire / Life Safety Section.

Documents and Forms

Access a list of current documents and forms for Anaheim Fire & Rescue.