Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Program

Underground storage tank (UST) regulations require cleanup of contamination resulting from UST leaks. As part of its Groundwater Protection Program, the City of Anaheim managed the UST Cleanup Oversight Program from April 1991 to June 2014. However, due to changes in state law, all UST cleanup cases in Anaheim are now managed by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Santa Ana Region.

Records of UST cleanups may be accessed in several ways. The State of California maintains a database called Geotracker, which has all known UST cleanup cases in California. The database is searchable by city and address. Anaheim uploaded into the Geotracker database all no further action (NFA) letters and case summaries that it had available in its files. In some cases, NFA letters and/or case summaries were not available for cases that were closed prior to 1991.

UST cleanup records may also be accessed from the Anaheim Public Utilities Department by contacting via email or by calling 714-765-4288. If records other than an NFA letter and/or case summary are required, a records request form is required. The Regional Water Quality Control Board website provides information on accessing information on UST cases they manage. 

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When is Cleanup Considered Adequate

It should be noted that in some cases, a site may be considered adequately cleaned up to protect groundwater and current land use even though some contamination is still present. However, there is the possibility that if there is a change in land use, the residual contamination could pose a threat to future occupants of the site. Therefore, it is always prudent to investigate the site to determine if additional work would be required for a proposed change in land use. Anaheim staff are available to provide assistance into these sorts of inquiries. 

One final note, the Anaheim Fire Department, available by calling 714-765-4040, regulates the underground storage of hazardous materials, including issuing permits and overseeing the removal of USTs. In cases where tanks are removed and no contamination is found, the AFD issues a no further action letter and the site is not included on the City of Anaheim UST cleanup case list

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