Employment Assistance

​Workforce Development Board

The City of Anaheim, in collaboration with the Anaheim Workforce Development Board offers free business services to all businesses with an emphasis on Anaheim companies. Services are customized to the needs of the business. These economic incentives include:
  • Recruitment services for employment vacancies
  • On-the-job training and youth development programs
  • A liaison with City of Anaheim departments
  • Research assistance on topics such as labor market information, wages, and job classifications
  • Assistance during downsizing/company closures.

Workforce Development Division

Anaheim Workforce Connection is our one stop employment center that offers a full array of business and job seeker resources. 


Anaheim Workforce Connection offers a full array of business amenities such as:
  • Access to Labor Market Information
  • Job Hire Incentives thru our On-The-Job-Training Program
  • Online Job Postings at Anaheim Workforce Connection
  • Onsite Employee Recruitment Services
  • Outplacement Assistance and Layoff Aversion
Job Seekers
Anaheim Workforce Connection is here to help you get on the right track to employment. The services available are numerous, here’s an overview to get you started:
  • Free Vocational Training and Educational Providers
  • Job Listings and Job Fair Information
  • One-Stop Resource Center
  • Resume Assistance and Workshops