Linda Vista Complex

The Linda Vista Complex serves groundwater to west, central, and east Anaheim, and is capable of supplying about a third of the city's water supply to customers each day. In summer months, Linda Vista pumps more than 20 million gallons of water per day.  This project improves system reliability for this important water source by replacing its aging infrastructure.

The goals we set as we planned the project included:

  • Replace or rehabilitate the components of the facility that have reached their useful life
  • Long-term operation and maintenance of the plant
  • Future expansion and improvements of the complex
  • Improve aesthetics along the frontage by installing new landscape, sidewalk and block wall
  • Improve aesthetics within the complex by establishing a coordinated architectural theme among the tank and the buildings, as well as adding new landscape on-site


inda Vista Complex Pump Station Improvements Phase 1 (Completed 2014)

  • A new 4-million gallon water storage tank
  • A new pump station (salvage and use the old pumps and motors)
  • General rehabilitation and beautification of the existing site and site frontage

Project Benefits include:

  • Enhanced flexibility to meet demands 
  • Improved safety 
  • Improved reliability 
  • Reduced maintenance requirements 
  • Improved energy efficiency with pumps 

Project Updates

: Construction is underway for the Linda Vista Complex Pump Station Improvements Phase 2 Project  

Project Schedule:

 Completion Schedule: Fall 2021 

Contact Information:

 If you have questions or comments regarding the Linda Vista Complex Pump Station Improvements project, please contact the project manager, Lisa O’Connell, PE at 714.765.4225 or email 


inda Vista Complex Pump Station Improvements Phase 2 Project

  • Replace all the existing pumps with new larger and efficient pumps and motors
  • Replace and reconfigure the existing high voltage electrical equipment
  • Replace, reconfigure and modernize the controls and instrumentation
  • Construction of a new building to house and protect the new pump station electrical and control equipment
  • Upgrade the site security system, various site demolition and improvement works

Quick Facts

  • This project is part of the Utilities' program to rehabilitate and replace aging infrastructure.
  • The tank and pump station provide up to a third of the entire City's water supply-serving groundwater to the Canyon Business Center, parts of Anaheim Hills, and much of central Anaheim.
  • The previous 4-million gallon storage reservoir was constructed in the 1930s; the new tank dedicated in 2014 meets all current design codes and can withstand a major earthquake.