Windy Ridge Water Storage Tank

May 2017

Based on a number of issues that arose after the construction award, including unanticipated grading conditions associated with a planned access road, the City determined that the Project was likely to significantly exceed the budgeted construction costs and schedule. The project was therefore terminated on May 23, 2017 prior to starting construction. The purpose of the storage tank was to enhance reliability to the surrounding area, and Anaheim Public Utilities is currently developing other alternative projects to meet those needs.  Plans are being prepared to include a second level of electrical backup for an existing pump station, along with piping modifications to provide redundancy to the water system in the area. These efforts will improve water system reliability and emergency preparedness in the area generally west of the SR-241 Toll Road and southwest of Weir Canyon Road and Blue Sky Road.

Information on the alternative projects will be posted on this website as it becomes available.